(1) Split Sprocket:

By segmenting the sprocket body, the sprocket is easier to assemble and disassemble from around a shaft. Cast Split bucket elevator sprockets duly flame hardened teeth.

(2) Industries Sprocket:

Industrial sprocket engages the link of the chain on a rim of wheel for the power transmission and Conveyor systems. We are conduct to manufacture and supply all types of tooth designs sprockets with standard quality ranges to our clients. These industrial sprocketsare extensively used in thecement, oilfield and in glass industries.There are varieties of industrial sprockets are available from ourcompany they are single chain sprockets, duplex chain sprockets and triplex chain sprockets.

(3) Rim Segmental Sprocket:

They consist of a removable segmented rim and a solid or split body which are bolted together. To obtain extra wear from this type of sprocket, after considerable use, the rim sections may be simply reversed, so that the chain makes contact with the opposite sides of the teeth.


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